Is Our Heart in the Work?


“Many people continually make formal or informal resolutions to improve aspects of their lives. Although the goals may be set by an individual relative to his or her specific situation, many of the intentions actually apply to a larger body of people.”

—Stacie Rohrbach (Project Prompt)

Our goal for this project was to inform our audience about their resolutions, engage with them, and inspire them to actually take action to achieve their goals. Our task was to design a three part communication system with digital, print, and spacial components. I worked with Elizabeth Wang and Jacob Paul to design a program that promote earnest/healthy conversation between isolated individuals that can shift the current mindset and stigma from one that is indifferent towards the stress culture to one that is creates a positive community and a more balanced school experience.



PART 1 – Large-scale, flat communication piece

C Studio II: Designing Systems

  • Spring 2018


  • Installation
  • InVision